Saturday, December 20, 2008

College Baseball signings in New York State.

One name pops out.
The Bethlehem trio of Mike Fish, Sean Quinlan and Randy Bowers will all play Division I baseball after signing today with Siena, Niagara University and Canisius College, respectively.
The name that stands out is Randy Bowers of Bethlehem High near Albany, NY. He's a right hand pitcher with a fastball in the low 90's and a curve around 75 and he enters Canisius in the fall of 2009. He was also starting QB; huis last game he threw for 370 yds with 4 TDs and 3 picks (He's Brett Farve).

Did I mention that he is also my nephew? So, starting in the spring of 2010, you may see a post or two about young Randy Jr.'s exploits in Division 1 ball.

I remember when he was little, he looked EXACTLY like his father. It was a little Twight-Zonish, as if my brother had turned back into a toddler. Even today he looks just like his father at 17.

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