Sunday, January 25, 2009

Samuel's Story

In the Catholic News Agency:
A three-year-old boy with thanatophoric dwarfism who was not expected to live long after birth has come a long way. Ignoring the typical medical advice to either abort her child or not provide life-sustaining treatment after his birth, his mother gave birth to the boy she describes as a charmer with an engaging smile.

Lively young Samuel Mann lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with his parents Ralph, who is a 51-year-old lighting installer, and Evelyn, 43. In a Wednesday phone interview with CNA, Evelyn spoke about the joys and struggles of raising Samuel and about the family’s recent trip to Disneyworld.
I see Samuel and his Mom and Dad nearly every Sunday at church. He is a fun kid; I play with him all the time. He loves balloons, and whenever we sing I look for Samuel because he gets a big thrill out of it.

I claim to follow the Lord Jesus, but I am mostly talk. Samuel's parents are really living their faith out.

You can read about Samuel's Make A Wish trip to Disney World here. Fly, he took the Disco Limo to Disney World!

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