Monday, January 26, 2009

The Worldwide Sleeper

So, what does ESPN do to celebrate last night's NHL All-Star Game? I'll tell you what they didn't do - they didn't put a link to the story on their home page. Not a thing. Also, as of 6:00 this evening, they didn't have a link to the game recap on their NHL page, either.

I can kind of understand if they ignored the game on the general page; they do that sort of thing a lot. But I fail to see how they could ignore the NHL All-Star Game on their NHL home page. Would the Pro-Bowl not even be on the NFL page? (Their "top story" is from the ever-vigilant Scott Burnside, on the top tradeable players before the deadline, and it's good work, but the deadline is about seven weeks away.) Today's home page is nothing but the All-Star Game.

Adding to the list of goofs, there's this photo gallery, billed as "the big moments from the past ten [Super Bowl] games." There are exactly TWO pictures of actual game play in those ten pictures - as many as there are of fans. Really, a halftime fireworks display is the big moment from SB 39? Brian Billick's Gatorade Shower was more important than the Giants INT runback that was negated by a bogus penalty? (Huge moment - totally changed the game.) A pre-game picture of a bunch of helmets on the sideline "foreshadows the importance of David Tyree's catch against his lid." Well - HOW ABOUT YOU SHOW THE PICTURE OF THE CATCH INSTEAD OF FORESHADOWING IT?

I mean, it can't be that hard, can it? It's not like they don't have any available pictures from the most widely-covered single-day sports events on Earth.

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