Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There's the 24 hours at LeMans...

...and then there's the 24 hours of urine.

At the VA hospital I was given a gallon-sized brown plastic jug and instructed to save my urine for a 24-hour stretch. That jug is in the office refrigerator as I write this.

I've done this before, about 16 years ago. I and my brothers were in completion to see which of us would donate a kidney to our sister. (The Chief won). The hospital in Philly handling this wanted me to save a day of my urine and bring it in. The Center City hospital had minimal parking, so I parked in the Vet lot and took the subway uptown. There I was, on the Broad Street Line carrying a jug of my own urine, which probably happens every day on the Philly subway.

I get to the hospital with my jug, and the first thing they ask me is for a urine sample. I pointed to the jug and said, "Get it out of there." Not good enough for these folks.

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