Saturday, January 16, 2010

What I learned this week... what I already know.

The local head of the NAALCP was on radio in Tampa insisting that she wasn't giving Harry Reid a pass, and then proceeded to give him a pass. You see, one can be patronizing and condescending to black people if you support the right issues. How quickly the NAALCP defends their white masters in the Democratic party.

Reid's remarks aren't that bad, but we know that if they can from someone on the right the racebaiters would be wetting themselves.

99% of the time, a charge of racism is merely a club in which to beat conservatives.

Reid went to Revvum Al for absolution. Revvum Jesse must be furious.

There was talk of the Congressional Black Caucus holding press conferences to highlight the voting records of those who criticized Dingy Harry. I'd like to see those freaks and criminals of the CBC call people in favor of restraining the size of the federal government racists. That's a winning strategy. NOT!

To say I lost respect for the NAALCP and their ilk would assume I had any respect for them in the first place.

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