Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Winter of Our Discontent

Update: If I hadn't found a space heater, this would have been an option.

At 8 am Saturday morning it was 35 degrees in Tampa, FL. It will get below 30 tonight and tomorrow night. It took me three days of calling and visiting Walmarts before I found a space heater. I am now toasty warm in my little cave in the 'hood.

The county fined my boss for watering his fruit trees on an unauthorized day of the week. He doesn't have an orchard. Many folks down here have fruit trees growing in their yards. It is not uncommon to yank a few grapefuit off a tree in the backyard and eat them for breakfast. And they didn't need water for the ordinary reasons. By spraying water on the fruit trees and letting it freeze helps save the fruit from being killed off in the deep cold. Tonight, strawberry farmers in Plant City will be flooding their fields for the same reason.

And if you have a late night flight out of Tampa International it may be delayed. TIA doesn't have the means to de-ice aircraft wings. You just have to wait till the sun comes up.

These temps may be normal up in New Jersey, but folks are freaking a little down here. There is even talk of it snowing here like it did 33 years ago.

I will have to go out today eventually. I'll be wearing every stitch of clothing I own.

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