Saturday, October 09, 2004

And wash behind your ears, too...

"You should have your own blog," they say. "It's simple! Just type and post."

They do not add that simple is not easy. The Blogspot folks have put together a neat little tool for composing and posting these things; but so far I've lost two separate posts thanks to my own system's vagaries. The other day a friend's instant message popped up in the middle of my typing, and when I went back, half my post was gone, and the other half had turned into a link to a friend's blog.

Thus have I learned the big secret to posting anything on the Internet, a rule I'd known from my days on AOL's message boards, and then had forgotten - COPY AND PASTE.

The other trick is more challenging. I've gotten feedback from the first post...but none of it has made it into the comments section. It's set (I think) to allow comments from all users, but if I read things right, you still have to register to leave your name; else the comment is anonymous. That's a rule that I don't think I can change (sorry folks). However, I can make things up to my friend, by including a link to his blog here, and over on the side, permanent-like. I've also tossed in a couple of others. The first is for my church group and the other is for James Lileks, who is The Man.

As for the Lost Post... it took an hour to write and seconds to lose. Maybe next week. I'm out for the next few days - family wedding (a command appearance).

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