Sunday, October 31, 2004

In Brief

1. Not for nothing, but Osama's plea to the voters of America smacks of self-interest - if it is, in fact, the famed terrorist. Some folks have been known to use body doubles.

2. I've been chided for calling the New York Islanders "America's Hockey Team." Purely tongue in cheek, I assure you - but you do know they won four consecutive Stanley Cups, 1980-1983. It's a short list, those who've won four consecutive league titles: Yankees, Canadiens, Celtics, Browns, Islanders. The end. Only one of those is a United States hockey team. Ergo... America's hockey team, who are back on track with a 4-2 win over Los Angeles last night (in the real world).

3. Daylight savings time is nice, but I've already spent that hour. Can we fall back again next week?

4. Jake Plummer (?!?) threw for 498 yards today. Peyton Manning added 472 and five TD's. Both teams lost.

5. Otherwise, unseasonably mild here in Crappy New Jersey™. A good evening to be walking about one's neighborhood. There's still time - turn off the computer and meet me outside in ten minutes.

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