Sunday, October 24, 2004

Meanwhile, a word from our sponsors...

First, there was one blade...
And then...two blades.
Soon there were three blades.
But four blades? Come on. Right?

Hell, yeah, right! I mean, four blades? Are you nuts? Just how many razor blades can a man use at once, anyway? If we keep this up the durned thing won't fit on your face!

Truth be told, we're just trying to keep you from shelling out the forty bucks for an electric. I sort of wonder what we'll pull next. Maybe we'll shrink the width on the next model and bill it as a "precision razor." My idea is a small bubble, like a level, right on the top of the razor. I'm tired of seeing crooked sideburns on the subway.

Just do me a favor, won't you, guys? Don't grow beards. I'm hanging by a thread already.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that the thread won't break. The beard in question being very attractive could not possibly be that much to maintain. Imagine what women have to go through to be attractive. If you desire, I can provide you with an abridged maintenance list that a woman has to keep up with in order to be "feminine", let alone all the behavioural demands between asking her to be a feminist, and feminine at the same time. Society has created a thin line for women to walk on, that's why we sway our hips, and in the process, make it look simple.

Keep the beard, maintain it, and revel in your attractiveness. Tickles while kissing is not a turn off.

the mermaid