Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Release the Hounds

Not for nothing, but I haven’t been active enough this weekend to pick up on the Drudge stuff about Mr. Bill. O. Reilly. (It stinks when your Internet is down.) I had to play catch-up in the Mobile Command Unit.

I shan’t go into details, but if half of what Ms. Mackris says is verifiable, Mr. O’Reilly is – nay, not mere toast – a smoking cinder, the dregs of a month’s worth of toaster activity, scraped into three-day-old coffee. We’ll wait and see.

A gentleman named Vox Day, writing for World Net (I’ll link later, when I’m not emailing from undisclosed locations), wonders if the heretofore silent Right-Wing Conspiratists are double-standardizing, given their frothing regarding Mr. Bill. J. Clinton. I doubt my little buzz-in-the-dark will change that assessment (I’m a goalie, not a winger), but I offer these two observations:

1. Bill O’Reilly has an hourly talk show. People could choose to stay off it, or choose not to watch it, ever. (Such as yours truly.) His influence, in other words, is limited; the moreso if you consider that he’s working the same side of the street as the Mighty Rush (amidst others). Bill Clinton, on the other hand, toted about the nuclear launch codes for eight years. He signed legislation and executive orders (and dozens of pardons). Every last citizen, with or without a talk show, had every right to worry about what he’d been doing on citizen time – or dismiss those worries. I suspect that those who’ve withheld their opinions thus far about the current he-sued/she-sued are waiting for facts to sift a bit more.

2. Drudge helped break this story. Apparently not all of the VRWC got the “Hands Off O’Reilly” memo.

Nothing to add to that, except that, in fairness, Mr. Day acknowledged that Drudge helped this news out into the open, and left him off the list of Silent Treatments. Once the Hive is up and buzzing again, I plan to stop in on the Vox Populi blog and see what I can see.

And speaking of the hounds – has anyone successfully tracked down the Dissident Frogman? This is Day 35 since his last entry. MDF – if you’re out there, monsieur, reassure us!

UPDATE [Oct 21] - links are linked. Enjoy!

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