Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It's me, baby!

The Hive is up and running again, fully re-wired. I now have a network jack right under the cable outlet. Except for my bed, home now feels like my office.

Wonderful things happen when you aren't subject to the vagaries of dial-up. You wouldn't believe what can get done in a short time:

1. The NHL settled their labor dispute. Tonight's regularly-scheduled games went off. Islanders beat Boston, 4-1, which makes it two straight for the home teams over the Beaneaters. (The Yanks swept Boston last week and are currently playing game six of the Series against Houston.)

2. Only four more shopping days until Christmas.

3. Star Wars: Episode III opened and closed in fifteen hours.

4. Election day was three weeks ago.

5. Iraq's hottest band, the Arabian Knights, just announced the dates for their world tour. After two months Stateside, they spend three weeks annoying France and Germany with tunes from their latest album, "We Kept the Receipts," before a triumphant Middle-East swing through Kashmir, Damascus, Tikrit, Tehran, Fallujah, Jordan, Tel Aviv, and Cairo. They then play three dates in Baghdad, coinciding with the close of Ramadan, before a special Jerusalem concert with Jars of Clay.

I could get used to the technology age...

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