Thursday, June 02, 2005

Double vision

I love parallel construction, and this post, "Ten Things I've Never Done", has inspired it.

I'm pretty sure that this fellow is not the
John Derbyshire of National Review, so there's one doppleganger. And his list of ten things he's never done has inspired an analogous reply here - I will list my reactions to his list, and then follow it with one of my own.

So for those of you following at home, that's two J. Derbyshires, and two lists of ten - twin parallels, so this post is a rhombus!

The original list (in red, with my comments in black):

- read Lord of the Rings [he hasn't, I have - see below]
- driven across America [nor have I, but I have driven to Florida and back, solo]
- voted for a party other than Labour [ok, definitely not the Derb]
- found anything written by Slavoj Zizek illuminating [who? Oh. I'll take his word for it]
- crossed the equator [I've never even been off the Eastern Seaboard. what a provincial!]
- seen Citizen Kane [likewise, but I loved Orson in The Muppet Movie]
- tasted caviar
- 'got' Steely Dan [another true skeptic for you, Ms. Sister and Mr. Bingley!]
- been skiing [hey! let's fall down this mountain! yikes]
- read Alain Badiou [again...who? Oh, yeah. Looks like a happy guy.]

And my own Ten Things I've Never Done:

- gone to London. Always wanted to.
- smoking or drugs. (This is one I plan to leave on the list.)
- read the Iliad. I want to go back and fill in what I missed before the Odyssey.
- met
James Lileks. But I'd need to be sedated first. You think I'm kidding.
- developed super-powers. (It wouldn't be healthy. Many fellow motorists would be smoking piles on the highway if I had Mega Wrath Vision.)
- played ice hockey. (This would require me to develop another set of super-powers.)
- played a live poker tournament. (I deal, but would like to try active participation.)
- been a dynamic rock frontman. The only thing I'm missing is a voice, an instrument, and discernable talent.
- finished the Mother of Unfinishable Stories

Which reminds me - back to work! But please, post your own lists in the comments and bat the topic around...


tree hugging sister said...

I've never really contemplated what I've 'never done'. Have to do that someday. One thing I have done tho, that is etched in my brain forever had to do with the Lord of the Rings. When Major Dad was in Saudi from the first week after Saddam's Kuwait invasion, Ebola (8 yrs old at the time and not a big reader) and I spent evenings on the couch after dinner and homework. I read the Hobbit and the complete trilogy to him, with voices for every character. That was incredible. But, in the long run, has cost me big-time, since he has shelves of books and piles on the floor that keep on growing...

Okay, I've got one. I've never thrown out a book.

Anonymous said...

Confess I thought this would be a posting about "Foreigner", but this is good :) Would love to attend the American Chesterton Society's annual conference- this year it falls on my b'day, so I will have a brief but meaningful pity party for myself, followed by cake. Just want to say, Mr. Nightfly, that you are one of my favorite posters over at Dawn's blog, and good for you for never trying smokes- I'm an addict who stopped smoking years ago- quit cold turkey when a lovely grace-full lady in a dream said, "You promised my Son." Right to the point- a flawlessly logical and simple incentive- it was time to keep my word to Him and quit smoking. Anyway, thanks for the space to post.

See you at Dawn's,

Muley said...

Hey Nightfly--

You're the best! Thanks for the post and the inspiration it provided me: