Thursday, June 30, 2005

The roundup

via the public library - for once, our tax dollars at work!

I've had some flattering news during semi-hiatus. First, I got a promotion in
TTLB's ecosystem. Second, I found out why - Mr. Bingley, by far the cleverest fellow at the Coalition of the Swilling, had tossed my name into the hat for a Carnival Blog. Niftiness.

Since I'm a guy who sucks up returns favors, I've tinkered with the Pantheon: a button highlighting the Carnival Folks, directly below my upgrade in evolution. I also gave a link to J. Rob at the House of Opinions. (I didn't know he'd linked me until I looked it up!)

Anyone who needs some substantial meat for their minds to chew ought to go over to the Dawn Patrol and see this, and then this. Read the comments, too. Dawn attracts some savvy folks from across the spectrum.

Another fine site (this one out of Colorado) is Not a Desperate Housewife. I've been stopping by every now and again; her current post (as of 5:30-ish this afternoon, EST) is oddly-titled but, as usual, proves to be good reading. Go Hockey Rockies.

Speaking of hockey: lay off Jeremy Roenick. The guy's right. The people who are complaining that the hockey players are greedy aren't fans of the league. (There's maybe fifty of us left, and we can tell on sight if you aren't on the mailing list.) In fact, they're not all that quick on the uptake either. The owners locked the players out. Half of the players are now overseas or in minor leagues. How is this their fault?

Further in sports... Kenny Rogers, Texas Rangers pitcher, assaulted a cameraman. He'd already missed a start after breaking a finger while beating up a water cooler in the dugout. The Rangers should have disciplined him then - without him the pitching is in desperate trouble, and he cost them two weeks of his services; docking his pay for that period would only be fair. Now they will have it done for them.

And a final programming note - my monitor cost less separately than with a system, so I bought it first, planning to save up and wait for a really great sale. It was delivered on Tuesday. I don't have anything to hook it up to, but it's a duplicate of ones I've seen before and it ought to be sweet. In the meantime, it looks like Dell has introduced a new line of midrange PCs, and that ought to mean discounts on the superceded models before very long. The Hive shall be rewired soon enough. Everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen... :::evil cackle:::


Mr. Bingley said...

Mr. Bingley, by far the cleverest fellow at the Coalition of the Swilling,

You are sooo dead when THS sees that.

tree hugging sister said...

BITE ME, you little suck-upping insect.

nightfly said...

Hey, I said cleverest fellow...

tree hugging sister said...

And don't think for two seconds I didn't see your little snide aside on the Panteon, too, you!!

You have made me very angry...
Prepare to be transmogrified.

Mr. Bingley said...

Allow me to translate 'Fly:

"Now you owe me 2 batches of creme puffs"