Tuesday, June 14, 2005


A few programming notes here at the Hive:

1. The Muley's World link had been verklempt. Now it is repaired.
2. Speaking of the Pantheon, you'll have noticed that it's been a little crowded. Most of the changes were cosmetic - moving a couple of people a little higher, dropping the Google News link, which nobody ever used, etc. Here are the changes, from top to bottomus:
. . . A. The links have been numbered - we are now up to a Superb Sixteen.
. . . B. ChezJoel has been added, #5, directly below the Dawn Patrol, an oversight I'd meant to correct since this fantastic vignette. Wow.
. . . C. Checking in at #7, It Comes In Pints? Somehow they're related the the Swilling folks, so I grouped them. Good stuff - check Ken riffing on movie quotes, among many others.
. . . D. Numbers 8-12 are "Big Internet," but Mr. Lileks (seven times we bow in his presence) stands alone, #3 - his new Screedblog is fisking fun at its finest.
. . . E. Newest but not least (est) are #15 and #16. Evilwhiteguy would have made this list just for this marvelous peek into online gaming, but he's also got a strong post on the Second Amendment and other goodies. Then there's Doug TenNapel, whose multitalents leave this humble bug agape. (Wing-tip to Ms. Eden.)
3. Returning is Mr. Tim Blair, because I like the fellow's stuff. He had been out for a bit because I bollixed the link, and I didn't repair it right away because lunch hour is only so long. Please, Andrea, don't hurt me.
4. BTW, new content around here, and not just this post - there's just a bit more Jacksonalia, and a grumble related to Mayor Bloomberg's Quixotic tilt for the Olympics in Manhattan. Do read - and then complain! Comments are open, and you can always click "Anonymous" to bypass the Blogger registration stuff. (Just sign the message at the bottom so we can all follow - or not, as you like it.)


tree hugging sister said...

Related to KEN??? Oh, not even in my worst nightmare, Fly...

Mr. Bingley said...

I feel so dirty...

nightfly said...

This must be why Mr. B shunned us at Appleby's last night. Your protest is noted on the official log.

Mr. Bingley said...

OOh, sorry! Let me know the next time. I played golf yesterday, and last night I was busy getting tipsy at Danny's Steakhouse in Red Bank.