Friday, October 14, 2005

And about that call...

One of the more famous baseball umps, Ron Luciano, was said to have once called a runner safe at third - while motioning "out" with his arm. "So which is it, out or safe?" the runner demanded. "Well, you heard 'safe,' but a million people saw 'out,' so you're out," Luciano replied.

So how does this apply to Doug Eddings? Well, Sluggo's right on this - he clearly signalled strike, then out. That counts. Even if he didn't have the courage to stick to that, his crew chief could have said something instead of keeping his hands in his pockets.

Better still - maybe nobody saw Eddings' arm. So how hard is it to then pick up the ball, look it over, see no dirt (sort of a reverse Nippy Jones), and say "Sorry, you're out"?

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