Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Boss hogs

You may have heard this. In merrie olde Englande, some offices are banning pigs in order not to offend Muslim office workers. No, it isn't pork from the work cafeteria, or actual animals in the cubicles, it's their graven images - toy pigs, pigs on mugs, pigs on calendars...

In reply to this miserable kowtowing, the Coalition of the Swilling has started a worthy campaign - Hogs for Blogs. I am pleased to join. Behold, the new Official Game of the Hive:

It's available now as "Pass the Pigs" if you want to join the revolution - or even as a java applet for your PC. Souuu-EEEEEEE Razorback!

UPDATE - first pigs, now this. The Cross of St. George, England's National Flag, is twisting certain knickers because of a series of wars ending NEARLY 600 YEARS AGO. Geez, will you people get a life already? (w/t to It Comes in Pints)

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