Monday, October 24, 2005

No Firm Leads

Right now it's Atlanta 20, Jets 0.

This is dangerous. Last Monday it was 17-0 St. Louis and they not only lost to Indy, they couldn't cover the two-touchdown spread. And yesterday we had in-progress scores of:

Green Bay 17, Minnesota 0. Oooops.
New Orleans 14, St. Louis 0. At least this works both ways.
Dallas 10, Seattle 3. There were only two minutes and six seconds remaining.
Denver 23, NY Giants 10. This is also a fourth-quarter score.
Tennesse 10, Arizona 0. Yes, even the Cardinals rallied.

From that point on, those teams were outscored by a collective 95-6.

And now, ten minutes after I started, the Jets are driving inside the Falcons 15. Touchdown, Vinnie Testaverde on the sneak.

Wunder, Cullen, turn off the TVs now. Trust me, you'd rather run the chance of being happy over morning coffee than grumpy all night.

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