Thursday, October 27, 2005


Wiser (and/or chattier) sites have hit all this news recently; herein are my tuppence on the following subjects:

Harriet Miers - I can actually toot my own horn on this. Behold, from Oct. 18th:

Appeasement works pretty poorly in domestic affairs as well, so the Dems will say what they say, and the lesson is simply not to care.

I say, play it right back at them. Go to the public directly (as all strong presidents do, all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt) and say, “Well, I’m respectful of the bipartisan opposition to the current nominee as unqualified, and she has agreed, for the good of the nation, to step aside at this time so we aren’t distracted from our pressing issues at home and abroad. In her place I’m nominating Janice Rogers Brown, who is an eminently-qualified judge who now has additional experience in our Circuit Courts and is familiar with the legal challenges our High Court will be answering in the next few years.”

You didn't see that here for a couple of reasons - one, because it was a quick lunch-time thing, and two, because my talent for prognostication is terrible (as my football pool pals would tell you). (OK, reason three - more people read Wunder's site than mine...) Now, it will be interesting to see who gets the nod in Miers' place, and further, whether she will have an easier time of it because she will look all the better in comparison to her. (Yup, still holding out for JRB. I hope the Rove Mind-Ray works in reverse too...)

Gallowing Galloway - It appears that the reason British MP George Galloway opposed the Iraqi war is that he was afraid somebody had saved the receipts. He isn't the only one worrying today. A separate news article in the MSNBC gives some more highlights, including this quote from the report: "And it said that the United Nations is essentially the only organization of its kind in the world that is capable of taking on such daunting tasks." Scandal on a global scale? Yeah, sounds like the UN.

James Blonde - the Harriet Miers of the franchise. Daniel Craig suffers because he is not Clive Owen, one of the very few actors today who could fill Connery's tux. As proof, consider that it is still Connery's tux, and the four guys following have merely been renting it...

If they want to do this right, they can either A/ dump Craig and throw many pounds sterling at Owen; B/ kill off Bond and end it with style; or C/ wait ten years and give the role to Daniel Radcliffe, who looks like he could handle it by then.

The World Series - Oy. Poor Houston. Poor Muley. But the Stro-Boys are not the first team to crap the bed in their first Series. (In game 3 the Sox gave them twelve walks and three errors while facing their ace, and they still won. Double-oy.) The problem is that they look to be a worse team next season, so they can't catch the Cards, and there are a few improving teams that will probably shove them out of the wild card race after the All Star Break next year.

Or, maybe quotes like this are the problem?

Craig Biggio - "I waited a long time for this, and it was worth the wait ... If I never get a chance to go back to the World Series, my career will be complete."

Jeff Bagwell - "It was just one of those things where we didn't win. I don't know how else to say it. We didn't play great and we didn't play awful. They just beat us."

The heart and soul of the Astros collectively shrugging a stinkeroo in the biggest four games of their careers? Hoo-boy.

And finally, thanks to all for the kind words about the piece I wrote on Tuesday. It means a great deal to me to know that it well-received - by extension, I feel like you gave him a warm welcome and it's more than I know how to properly thank you for.

I can also say that Mom, bro, and sis afely rode out Wilma (they live in Broward County, Fla.) with only minor damage to the house. They lost a tree, and the wind tore off those chef-hat vents in the roof (they were tarped and tied, but Wilma took them too). They also lost the fence, which was ugly as hell so good riddance. But they are safe and sound, and if the power comes back quickly enough they can start putting things back together.

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