Friday, June 30, 2006

All you blog babes out there

Gimme a Hells Yeah!

Found this first on It Comes in Pints and now it's making the rounds. I personally like Sheila's idea - let's do Ms. Dejevsky's research for her and list all of the distaff bloggers on our sidebars.

The Pantheon is a select group, but we'll start with the three lasses above:

Emily of It Comes In Pints? - Ms. Dejevsky would be well-advised to stay on her good side. Movies? Do it right, bucko. And money-sponging brainwashers need not apply.

Tree Hugging Sister of the Coalition of the Swilling - because them wimmins isn't very bright with the math or the science.

Sheila of the Sheila Variations - I've seen this live. It rules all possible worlds. And if you're not reading Diary Friday, my friends, then your calendar is missing a day.

Dawn Eden of the Dawn Patrol - music is an avocation, though normally she walks the line of culture and faith.

Tracey of Worship Naked - well-written, inspirational, and again, check the variety of topics. She organizes them into a helpful sidebar just for you, the reader. (Soon to be renamed. I hope there's cake.)

Stacy of Better Left Said - she left saying entirely for a while, but she's back. Shhhhh, she's got an entire political section.

Fausta's Blog - a Jerseyenne specializing in political affairs, but delving wheresoever she may.

Suzette at Bob the Corgi - life happens. She measures the happening, wherever it happens.

Jennifer Shiman of Angry Alien - a blogger? No. Only the absolute genius behind "As Told By Bunnies." Red rum!

And others I probably should have on the list:

Andrea Harris, A Crafty Madness (also the admin at Tim Blair's site, which makes her twice the blogger I am);
The Anchoress;
The Bitch Girls;
Shannon of I'm Seriously, Dammit;
Lisa of This Life;
and last (but not least, lest she hunt me for sport), Sheila Ferguson.

There's about eleventy thousand other ladies blogging as well. In the meantime, Ms. Dejevsky and Ms. Parker can get together and whinge about how unfair it all is, and how mean, and how boys are stinky...

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