Monday, June 19, 2006

Ten thousand Hive maniacs

As of this afternoon (sooner than I thought!) this humble blog will have its 10,000th visitor since August 7, 2005.

Thanks to the still-mystery web-walker! For you and all, I've been crawling around my archives and have come up with some of the better entries in the pre-counting days. You'll notice odd shifts in font and template, and that none of the posts' comments have survived the eventual shift to Haloscan. It's a shame because I had some great feedback: I picked up more than a few links for the Pantheon and several good posts.

Read, and hopefully enjoy - it's the best thank-you I can give you for having come by in the first place. In return I only ask one favor - if you have a comment for one of these posts, feel free to leave it, but let me know in an email (nightflymail AT aol DOT com - just trade out words for symbols where applicable). Haloscan has a very erratic comment notification system. In fact, I found a comment on a post from February, and never knew it until this afternoon. (Bobby C, if you're still interested in Deck Hockey in New Jersey and you don't get my email, this is where we play now.)

The rundown:

* The first post, September 30, 2004.
* My first foray against Skip Bayless.
* Steroids in baseball? I’ve been doing some research for a while.
* My Corey Hart friends may appreciate this take on the Skyliners, and you also get to see an update in the look, because when researching I saw a typo and, being unable to let that sort of thing go, I fixed it.
* My man-crush on James Lileks goes back a ways, and my mental irregularity goes back even further. They converged here.
* A football post, with my explanation of the “One for Two, Two for One” rule.
I've been reading Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, for about five years now. (Indirectly, he gave the Pantheon of Links its name.) He ran a Super Bowl contest that I gladly took on, with fun results (Part I and Part II).
* A little something on John Paul II just before the sun set.
* Some of my longest blog buddies are over at the Coalition of the Swilling. This is the beginning of that association.
* This got good feedback at the time, including remembrances of HoJo Restaurants, Peek Freens (extraordinarily serious cookies!) and other lost stalwarts of my youth.
* More music parody. (I really liked this one, even though the subject is a Jersey local.)
* I've always been grateful for the support, but ironically, the comments I mention here are gone now, a victim of the changeover to Haloscan.
* Violence in youth athletics is nothing new, unfortunately.
* A double from April '05 on the new pope and the new food pyramid. (Sorry if my Firefox friends struggle with these - this was an unpopular and short-lived look for the Hive.)
* This is another recurring theme for me: the line between sanity and morality. I think that, like Cyrano, I have done better since on this topic.
* A little philosopy on sex. (There's nothing I can't demagogue!)
* How about a little Sleight of Mind?
* Another contemplative post - on the intersection of philosophy and everyday life. Come to think of it, haven't been to Muley's World lately. (Oops, he hasn't been either.)
* This one's for Cullen - my first exposure to the music of the Anderson Council. (And when's that new album coming?)
* Movie Tag! I revisited this topic recently, but this is the original.

Given some time I should be able to give you another such roundup from the post-counting era, and another where Haloscan was finally up and running (actual feedback!). In the meantime, please accept my thanks again. The absolute best part of this, the part that keeps me coming back despite bouts of ennui (and the occasional lost entry as this almost became) is the discussion that follows a good post.

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