Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Enjoy the Painbringers

I thought that I didn't like Skip Bayless' work, but these guys are killing poor Joe Morgan - and unlike Skip, Joe's a Hall of Fame ballplayer.

Even though it's called "Fire Joe Morgan," it looks like they'd settle for the head (or hat) of MSNBC's Mike Celizic. And "HatGuy" has written some doozies, such as this: "...some managers are better than others. There aren’t many of them, but they’re the guys who always seem to make teams better. Billy Martin used to be able to do that before the asylum that was the Bronx Zoo and the mad shipbuilder Yankee owner drove him so far into the bottle he never climbed out."

People have said a lot of nasty things about George Steinbrenner, and some of them are true, but read anything about the Yanks of the 50's and you hear that Bill Martin always had that ferocious personality, and was as hard-partying off the field as he was hard-nosed on it.

This post, however, may require an addition to the Pantheon of Links. "I did not hear the second starting five of Intangibly Good Teammates, but I assume it was Magic, Cousy, Shaq, Bird, and Jordan, with Dr. J, Kareem, Wilt, Teen Wolf, and Jesus Christ coming off the bench."

Then, when you're done, scroll the archives. It's a compendium of bad writing blown to smithereens. (Naturally, this means that Skip gets his share.) I am Not Worthy! I am Not Worthy!

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