Thursday, August 10, 2006


Welcome, true believers!

You're in the Hive, the secret online lair of our ever-loving pixel-slinger, Nightfly! But danger looms, even here in the inner sanctum - for a new television program threatens to suck dry our hero's skull...

Yeah, it's "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?"

Obviously nobody on this show can actually shoot fireballs or levitate or such, and the whole lot of them look like Idiots on Patrol running around in their Comic-Con outfits. But I am noticing, as I watch, that I'm beginning to enjoy the spectacle.

Stan Lee looks like he's enjoying himself, too.

Dig this, I'm going out as Doc Strange this Halloween!
Actually, I'm surprised that the contestants aren't having as much fun with this. They should all be grinning like kids in a candy store, but the only one who's really embracing things is the supervillain.

I'm most impressed with the challenges. The point isn't to test "powers" but to test character, and Stan is always emphasizing that a true hero is honest, brave, helps the innocent, uses teamwork. I'm actually considering how I would approach these little tasks myself.

It's fun - and what's more, it's as clever as stupid fun can get.

The above picture is Marvel's work, not mine - Bryan Hitch on pencils and Paul Neary on inks - because a true hero gives credit where it's due! Excelsior!

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