Saturday, August 19, 2006

While in Norf Cackalackie

...Even though I don't have to be in an office every morning, I find myself waking up at 7:30, without an alarm. It's so pleasant that I'd try it at home, except that I'm sure that I'd wind up oversleeping by Wednesday.

...Nicer driving in North Carolina, for the most part, but offset by having no clue at all where anything is. My only map of the area fits all of the Carolinas into a 5"x8" area.

...Watching old Star Trek now on G4, a channel I do not have in New Jersey. I agree with Rick Moranis: "Even in the future nothing works!" I mean, if it's not the Enterprise proper, it's an installation or an android... and there's always the chance that the whole command crew will pile into one of those minivan shuttles, only to have it go all cross-wired.

...And that reminds me of one of the nastier tricks played in the professional entertainment racket, the one Gene Roddenberry pulled on Alexander Courage, who composed the original Star Trek theme. Roddenberry wrote lyrics to the tune, even though they were never used. This entitled him to a piece of the residuals. Not only was the Great Bird of the Galaxy kind of a jerk, the lyrics are awful.

...By the time they got to Next Generation, the technology had improved marginally - the Enterprise only blew up once every couple of months - primarily because Starfleet had discovered a way to invert tachyons. It's the duct tape of the 24th century.

...As you can tell, I've been able to get back into action, thanks to my generous hosts, who have set up the Mobile Command Unit on the house network. More than this, they've been generous in letting me take some time for some posting and reading.

...It's beautiful out here. There aren't that many spots left in NJ that look like this, and most of them are horribly expensive. It's pretty rural. Most of the area was tobacco and corn ten years ago. There's still two working farms within walking distance of this little neighborhood. Of course, little else is within walking distance, and one doesn't really want to walk around outside of the neighborhood. The main road running past the development is two lanes, no shoulder, and requires jumping knee-deep into Tick Heaven every time a car rolls past.

...The four little bippers are absolute delights, by the way. I've been exposed to unheard-of levels of cuteness in the past week, almost like some Army experiment designed to test resistance to enemy interrogation techniques. Go ahead, break out all the sleeping puppies you like - I'll never talk! (Except for this blog.)

...Our destination tonight, to commemorate a great and relaxing week. We'll be on the road after church tomorrow, and probably home by nightfall, barring major traffic. I've never been there, so we'll see how it goes.

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