Monday, August 28, 2006


Watching the replay of today's Mets/Phillies game - bottom third inning, Mets already up 3-0 with runners on the corners. David Wright yanks a Jamie Moyer pitch down the line, where it takes a squib bounce and shoots into foul territory.

Randy Marsh immediately calls it foul, and the Mets hassle him for a bit. Finally, Marsh starts to walk away from the line to hobnob with the crew. And immediately, the home ump looks horribly familiar.

Yup - our man Angel Hernandez; and as the saying goes, "Wackiness ensues." The ruling becomes "fair ball," but here's the kicker: Wright is awarded first base, not second.

The rulebook is silent on such a thing, except to note that all runners (including the batter) are awarded two bases for a fair ball going into the stands; this ball never actually left the field of play, but I can't think of any reason to call it a ground-rule single - it seems most logical to call it either a foul, or a double, to keep consistent with other rules.

PS - Pat the Bat strikes again in the top of the fourth. This is ridiculous. If he played with Chipper Jones the Mets would have to switch leagues.

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