Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dar al Islam, Dar al Harb

Rod Dreher, an editorial page writer for the Dallas Morning News, confessing in his blog that he is resisting coming to the conclusion that America must separate itself from Islam to survive. And Muslim activists aren't helping:
What I keep seeing from these meetings is an attempt -- a sincere attempt -- to mau-mau the media into ignoring disturbing things going on in the American Muslim community. By all means we should cover the good stuff. The group the other day kept making the point, "You focus on the few bad things, and ignore all the good things." But charitable works don't somehow make it okay to include hate literature against Christians and Jews in your mosque, and certainly don't make it un-newsworthy. Being kind to others doesn't obviate concerns over what kind of fanatical jihad literature you're teaching to your teenagers. I do believe that most of the American media are unwilling to give this kind of thing the scrutiny it deserves. I'm pleased that my editorial board does not give them a free pass, and is not willing to turn a blind eye to this sort of thing -- even though it does cast into doubt the idea that Islam can be assimilated into American life.

I can attest that no one in the Tampa Bay media has die Kuglen to challenge Muslim activists in this way.

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