Friday, December 22, 2006

Dispatch from the cave

Yeah, even caves have wifi now. But other than comments I haven't been out much - here or real life. I needed a little retreat before the grand Christmas Expidition. (This year's World Tour has four stops from the 24th through New Year's Eve. I may have t-shirts done up.)

So, it's only fitting that I missed the results of the Weblog Awards when they came out. I did, however, manage to vote in them, and it's my pleasure to point out a few of the worthy winners here:
  • Individual Blog - James Lileks, "The Bleat" - the man is Pantheon, I tell you.
  • Military Blog - Blackfive. Well-earned.
  • Law Blog - The Volokh Conspiracy
  • Latino/Caribbean/South American - Babalu - way to go, Val!
  • #1751-2500 (in the TTLB ranks) - Parkway Rest Stop - Jim is a veteran of the Carnival of Jersey Bloggers; it's good times to see him hit big.
  • #5001-6750 - File it Under - Hoodlumman and company can now truly boast of having bested 1749 other blogs to win their category.
Not that all things were rosy. Willisms finished fifth in their category, which is a shame - I mean, dig this research and tell me that the man isn't worth his salt. Worst of all, the 2996 Project finished dead last in their category. Granted that it wasn't a blog in the traditional sense, but more akin to a Carnival - so in that case, couldn't it be singled out for a special mention, or put in a Best Carnvial Category? I won't speak for anyone else, but it was the best thing I've ever been associated with online.

And seriously - DIG THIS RESEARCH.

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