Saturday, October 17, 2009

Charlie Crist... running ads on conservative talk radio complaining about Obama's spending. What is it, 10 months before the primary? Of course, his play date with the One down in Fort Myers in February is a problem.

Charlie's RINO supporters are worried. He's losing county straw polls; the national GOP wants him, but Florida Republicans don't.

Charlie may have a Plan B:

Still, one top Crist supporter even speculated that Crist might consider withdrawing from the race and run for re-election. That probably won’t happen. But while the idea of Crist switching races is unlikely and probably absurd, the entertainment of such an absurdity by the Crist-can’t-lose crowd is noteworthy. They’re nervous. So is Crist, who’s unexpectedly dropping in at Republican committee meetings, where straw poll after straw by rank-and-file Republican base voters show the base favors Rubio.

Crist switching races probably won't happen, but oh the entertainment value.
Here is why non-Floridians should worry about this. The national GOP is shoving Crist down the throats of Florida Republicans. If this guy makes it into the Senate he will be the model for the ideal GOP presidential candidate. Haven't we been there and done that?
I am considering holding my nose and changing my voter registration back to GOP so I can vote for Rubio in the primary.

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