Monday, October 26, 2009

Lots going on

The sorta short version is as follows:

A. I've spent a lot of writing time using a pen, on paper.
B. I've spent other time writing on a computer - fiction work.
C. This is, collectively, only a smidge of time.
D. The great part of my time has been spent dealing with a big family issue.

I'm don't want to tell what that issue is, at least not yet. Eventually. The worst is past, I'm glad to say, but there's a way to go. Prayers would be most welcome, if you are inclined to do so; and those of you in the know, you have both of our thanks.

For those of you currently enjoying the Barking Spider Show here at Ye Olde Hive, thanks for your continued and patient reading. I mean it when I say that I'm glad for each and all of you, and it hurts that I've had to neglect you. I hope to be doing better by you soon. Even though I can't promise much, you deserve to know that I'm aware of it, I'm working on it, and you should see a few actual posts soon - even as simple as a list of snippets.

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