Sunday, October 25, 2009

Xenon, Scientologist Princess

ABC's Nightline gets hot and heavy into Scientology.

Keep in mind, most of the journalists at ABC probably think I am a kook because I believe that a Hebrew peasant walked out of a tomb 2000 years ago. But you would think that if the Xenon story is untrue this Scientology spokesman wouldn't beat around the bush and just say so. So it's offensive and disgusting, but is it false?

One think the L. Ron rep said that I cause me to notice. I'll try and quote it from the video. He said that it" was in violation of his religious beliefs to talk about it". He was forbidden to discuss the subject even to deny it.

This should be a clue that there is a problem with this religion. I cannot think of any question anyone could ask my pastor in which the answer would be "it is in violation of my religious beliefs to talk about it". The idea of secret knowledge that is withheld from unbelievers and those who haven't reached a certain level should throw up red flags to even the most theologically ignorant.

The mysteries of my faith can be found in the books section of Wal-Mart for under $10. If you come to my church and talk to me I can get you the secrets of the universe for free.

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