Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I should fell bad about this....

...because some who are reading this work for the industry.

Circulation at many of the country's largest newspapers continued a steep slide as the Audit Bureau of Circulations Monday morning released the latest figures for the six months ending September 2009 -- proving yet again that the industry can't shake the dramatic declines that have taken hold over the past several years.

On a comparable basis, ABC reported that for the 379 newspapers filing with the organization, average daily circulation plunged 10.6% to 30,395,652 -- one of the most severe drops in overall circulation. Sunday circulation for 562 reporting newspapers was down 7.4% to 40,012,253.

The St Pete Times is 25th on the list, losing 10.70% of its circulation between Sept 08 and Sept 09. I know I should feel bad, but as I said to the St. Pete Times salesman who called me today (of all days!), "Why should I pay for the St Pete Times when I can watch Katie Couric kiss Obama's fanny for free?"

I don't even go on their website for the free stuff.

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