Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Don will see you now

Jeff Van Gundy, Houston Rockets head coach, complained about the refereeing a few days ago - so far so good, since all coaches do it. But he suggested that an anonymous ref had confided in him that the league had the fix in, and that is too much. David Stern, aka Darth Commish, fined him 100 large for that. Heaven help Deep Whistle should he ever be found out.

At least Van Gundy was lucky. On Friday April 29, Bill Simmons posted an article which read, in part:
I don't think the NBA fixes games, but they have one trick that they use for situations like this – when they want a home team to win the game, they invariably assign the worst referees possible to that game for two reasons: Bad referees have a tendency to get swayed by the home crowd, and bad referees never have the stones to make a tough call on the road. ... And yes, the referees in the NBA – as a whole – have never been worse. But there were six referees that stuck out as being especially terrible. Here they are:
Yup, Sports Guy named names. And he hasn't been heard from since. I'm almost afraid to even link to him.

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