Friday, May 20, 2005

Soft-bristled brushes with greatness

Today was the day NJ 101.5's Dennis and Judi show went to the Official Diner of the Hive. They are my favorite of the station's shows, and I was sold on the prospect of listening to them broadcast live while I ate the famed honey mustard chicken sandwich at leisure. ("Maple-peppered bacon" are the three greatest words in the history of lunch.)

They were fun, and gracious - their commerical breaks were spent chatting with and signing autographs for similarly geeked-out fans. I got a shot that I will post once it's developed.

It's been that kind of a week. Last night I was in Toms River and passed the newly-renovated Ocean County Library's main branch. I heard someone singing "Black Coffee in Bed," solo and acoustic. I said to my reflection, "That sounds an awful lot like that guy from Squeeze."

His name, incidentally, is Glenn Tilbrook, and it WAS him. He looked very like the August '03 picture on his homepage. Cool.


Muley said...


Just found your blog via the mention by Dawn Eden, and I love your stuff! I've put you in my favorites list and will become a regular reader. I just got into the blogosphere myself, and it looks as if we share the same template. Good luck and keep 'em coming.

nightfly said...

Thank you, Muley! You are very welcome. Remember to send a link for your place so I can return the favor...