Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Meeting's good in the neighborhood

After our normal semi-monthly meeting, we repaired to the Appleby's for food, drink, and chat - there to be joined by Mr. Bingley (one of a select group). Much enjoyment all around.

Arguments about stuff are sometimes fun, often informative, but only important inasmuch as the topics impact real people. And that's why I blog. I like meeting people. I love getting to know them in their conversations. I enjoy working through whatever topics may cross our path. It's a treat when I get to shake hands with somebody I've been bantering with for months. My friends will laugh - I'm usually going on about something or other, and in fact that's what drew Mr. B's attention to where we were sitting (I might as well admit it) - but the friends are the thing. And the readings we covered for our Bible study last night say it quite well.

By the way, Mr. B - sorry about the Hawaiian shirt. Still in the wash.


Mr. Bingley said...

Thanks for the invite! A very nice group of folks, who tolerated some strange fellow with a pint of Bass bargeing into their gathering quite admriably.

And it was the Islanders hat that was the giveaway...

tree hugging sister said...

Don't give up the cream puff, Fly! Stand yer ground!