Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Evil will always triumph...

...because good is dumb.

You know, kids, they sell these things at the flippin' bookstore, now, complete with genuine sound effects. Sixty-five quid ($90 American) will set you up in nerdvana for hours. Or you could do what we used to do when we were kids: duel with two wiffle bats and make your own sound effects.

At the very least, they could have watched the safety video.

(Wing-tip to NRO, the Corner, for the original link.)


Andy said...

2x fluorescent bulbs = 4.99
petrol = 2.50

plastic surgery to remove
glass shards and burns = 40,000

chance to file lawsuit against
George for depicting lightsaber
duels = priceless !

nightfly said...

Hahahaha! Lucasfilm certainly has the quatloos to spare (if you don't mind the mixed currency joke). Thanks, and welcome to the Hive.

The Fish ><> said...

Congratulations! Today, you are a BNF. (If I knew HTML, BNF would be a link to today's Dawn Patrol. Just pretend it is, kthx.) By the power of your mighty articulation you have drug me from the dregs of apathy to return to commenting on other people's blogs in aspiration of being a BNFF.

*basks in twice-reflected glory*

(subsequent comments will have actual content)

Heg said...

Nightbug, give it up; it is over, we have lost our country.and we will never get it back There is but one party in Washington; that is Federalism, and some day this outlaw government will send us all off to camp for talking too much.