Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Food, tunes, and bloggers

You know you're in for a good time when the invitation reads, in so many words, "Live from the bassist's backyard." And indeed I had that good a time, hanging out and listening to the Anderson Council bounce along. (You can get a third-party testimonial about the band right here.) And to continue the audiatory good times, I was rocking this CD all day at work today. God bless America, and let freedom ring! (SOUND WARNING for that link!)

As befits July 4th weekend, I hung together rather than separately, with excellent companions: Joel of ChezJoel, who live-blogged the bbq/concert, and Dawn Eden, who patrolled with camera. The conversations were suitably wide-ranging, when we weren't chowing down on burgers and "Happy Mouth." (I'll save you a trip to Google - Happy Mouth is a dessert: flour-based and sesame-seed coated, not that sweet, served in crunchy, bite-sized hunks. In fact, "happy mouth, dessert" returns Joel's page as number three!)

Pictures are under development - of the band, not the dessert. (If you really like, go to the Hong Kong Supermarket on Route 18 in East Brunswick and buy a tin. You won't be sorry.) In the meantime, I'm scouting deals for the new PC, and if anyone spies anything I ought to see, please let me know via the comments - I want to quit mooching off friends and kindly librarians as soon as I can.

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