Monday, July 25, 2005

Carnival gets Instatagged

We got linked! Mighty Instapundit has taken notice of the Carnival and sent some traffic to our humble state. For those who like their blogs on the Jersey side, get hep and follow through at the Bad Hair Blog.

Speaking of carnivals, this weekend several friends and I stopped by the Carnevale Italiano, held every year in North Brunswick. We went on fireworks Saturday and got a great show; it's impressive how the Grucci folks work. The show was well-paced, and showed off a variety of both sights and sounds: some rockets left no visible trail and blossomed in sudden reds and greens; others shrilled, leaving a glowing-white wake capped by brilliant color. There was an underlayer of roman candles surmounted by crackling red bursts, a series of strobe-light bright rockets that made us reach back for the sunglasses, and a finale with several concussive fireworks whose explosions were felt in the chest, as if channeled through a subwoofer.

I wish I could link you, but neither the Carnevale nor its sponsor, the Italian-American Social Club of North Brunswick, have a web presence. (The Grucci schedule didn't list the event either; this is quite odd. I will uncover more if I can.)

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