Monday, July 11, 2005

Fiddling while Europe burns

updated 7/12, about 1:30 - it turns out that one of the links I used below was to a message board, not a translated article as I thought. The comments began to fill in, and some were simply unincludable, so I nixed the link. Suffice it to say that Norwegians are definitely not rolling in the aisles, immigrant or native.

Mr. Bingley has a question, sadly rhetorical, about what really matters to the EU. [PS - nice sidebar on the page right next to the headline, eh?] His post is here (and trackback here, if it works).

Given how things are working out in some places in Europe, that reduction in noise pollution may just be the silence of the tomb. (Remind me again, Mr. Steyn, about the fertility rates of post-Christian Europe?) Whoever remains may add to the "solution" by avoiding marauding immigrant gangs (not just a European problem, BTW), waiting politely for the fate of those who speak out.

Not that this story seems any better. Norwegians are just rolling in the aisles, aren't they? Good on you for becoming as shallow as the infidels, I guess, but I pray God spares you any familiarity with the treatment of those who fail to live up to the strictest standards of comportment. The indigenous folks might talk, but it's your own family members who may actually decide to do something - and you are one of seven children (and thus we come full circle). Keep your doors locked.

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