Friday, July 29, 2005

Three updates

First - thanks to all who asked about the PC. A few days before it arrived, there was other, more serious news to worry about, as my grandfather went in for surgery. I'm pleased to report that for the past ten days he's shown steady improvement: up and walking, no more post-op fever, sound heart and lungs.

Second - thanks to all who also checked out the sci-fi quiz. Not many noticed the alt-tags for the pix; I post them very infrequently and forgot to warn everyone that I like to sneak a little something extra for. (Consider it the world's cheapest Easter Egg.) The folks who put it together were pretty sharp. They also considered incomplete submissions - check out what you get when you turn in a blank quiz. (Hint - there was much rejoicing.)

Third - curse you, Muley! Now I have to come up with favorite movies. This will take a lot of time, but I'll be a good sport and get to it tonight. (The bright side is that I get to tag three people myself when I'm done. Tremble, ye mortals.)

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