Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good news from FLA

You'll recall that I'd mentioned a possible guest column. It turns out that I don't have to run that post because the man himself has returned. While you read you can try to guess which items I had been planning to run under the Spider's byline.

But of course the best news from FLA has to do with family. I learned over the weekend that my grandfather had been admitted for some surgery after a routine checkup showed growths. The doctors feared that he would have to lose a kidney, besides the possibility of the actual growths being cancerous.

It's too soon to tell on the biopsies, but it turns out that Grandpa came through it wonderfully. He only lost a bit of the kidney, and was so improved that he left ICU today, three days sooner than planned. Mom reports that he was well enough to flirt with nurses Monday night; the doctors say that it looks like the growth was benign based on what they saw during the procedure. Updates to come.

On top of all this, the PC Stork is en route to the Hive, so this may be the last post I need to file remotely. I should get a card for the librarians. In the meantime, I need to cook up a too-clever-by-half name for my new pride and joy. (Perhaps I should wait until it actually gives me some pride and joy?)


Mr. Bingley said...

In the meantime, I need to cook up a too-clever-by-half name for my new pride and joy.


nightfly said...


"How fast are you, maggot?"
"Three gigs, sir!"
"Really? I didn't know that a stack of crap could move that fast!"

Joel said...

For some reason, I always went blank when it came time to name a computer. And over the years I've had to name a lot of them. Things picked up, however, when I decided to name them all after Veggie Tales characters. The laptop from which I write this comment is "Mr. Lundt." My main desktop system was Larry Boy. I used to have a dinky little pentium 100 laptop called "Carrot." And somewhere in there was Bob the Tomato and Madam Blueberry and Jr. Asparagus. But sheesh, I don't envy you if you're just naming the one. It has to stand alone. Something like Excalibur. Or Knight Rider. Or Webster Popadopalous.

Wait! I know what you could name it! But I'm not going to steal your thunder. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. (This is going to be so cool.)

Stacy said...

Is this a guy thing? I never considered naming a computer. There have been times however I've called them names; none of which I can repeat here.