Thursday, July 07, 2005

Here are our choices

Great Britain - f*** yeah!
In the face of the terrible cruelty of saboteurs who prey on the innocent, all replies boil down to two options:

1. We can obey elite opinion and execute (in every sense of the word) an elegant belly-up;

2. We can shout defiance.

Up with Number Two, thanks very much. More Wellington, and less of this clueless git, that's what's wanted now. ("Random violence"? Dipwad.) Click this link and you will see a staggering amount of f-bombs, but for this extraordinary occasion, I make no apologies. In fact, add your own choice words. This is no time for a simpering head-tilt.

I wonder, does her sympathy extend to those killed in London today? Or Madrid in March, 2004? Or everyone kidnapped and beheaded in between? As my Dad used to say, "I know you're sorry - now apologize."

(w/t to Muley for the flag! Also, please check for more reax at the heavy hitters, especially Michelle Malkin and Powerline; and from Not a Desperate Housewife, whose Union Jack waves. And may she ever. Nice touch, Stacy.)

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Anonymous said...

I think Sean Penn & Co. should handle this.