Thursday, May 25, 2006

And by the way

The daily rounds have reminded me of two movies I forgot about when I did my list: Throw Momma From the Train and What About Bob? Really, missing that last is preposterous. Bill Murray is a genius, and Richard Dreyfuss gets a chance to show his comedy chops, which are considerable. For that matter, the kid who plays Sigmund (Dreyfuss's son in the film), Charles Korsmo, demonstrates what's possible for a good actor when he's not dragged down by a poorly-written, over-loud, gimcracky movie.

And by the way, I'd actually fogotten a little-known film that Crystal did in '80 that I must have seen as a boy about fifty times. This is one from the Overlooked Films Vault! Great voice cast. Listening to Crystal do both Ali AND Cosell in the boxing segment was funny even when I was eight. And the poor guy at the end of the marathon! "We had it all planned. Kitty Mambo dolls... Kitty Mambo vitamin pills..." (Pronounced vit-a-min - hahahaha!)

Oh, and fer cryin' out tears, The Dark Crystal.

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