Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Monday in Manhattan

You should go and read this. Then, when you get the chance, you should watch Sheila perform it live, as the Ladybug and I got to on Monday evening.

Sadly, we couldn't get out of work fast enough to catch an early train, and thus had no time for Mandoo. Our consolation prize, walking up 8th Avenue, was a stop at Chevy's genuine homemade chain-restaurant "fresh mex." They weren't kidding. It took six minutes from order to service - we thought that they were talking to the next table over for a moment.

Fast + tasty = time and inclination to share a flan afterward, and still make it to the show. And afterward we got to briefly hobnob with our gracious star.

Oh, yeah... there was some dude who told jokes, too. (Don't be fooled by the picture - he was quite funny during the set and quite gracious afterward.)

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