Thursday, May 18, 2006

Movie Tag Again

** update, May 19, 5-ish pm - changed below to reflect V's comments.

Well, Vulture 6 has put out a "Top 100 Films Ever" "100 Repeatedly-Rewatchable Films" post, and part of the post involved tagging fellow bloggers for their picks, and I made the cut. The problem is that I already did this last year, a list of 31, and in order to triple the size I'd be diluting the content.

That gives me a problem. I don't want to disappoint, especially a guy with the bloghandle "Vulture 6." How about this - I will do another small list of films not on the first list, but following the same criteria. In fact, we'll just call it "Some Stuff I'm Shocked I Missed." My only defense is that the original tag only asked for a month of movies. (Therfore, my new month shall be called Double Featurary.)

1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Disney) - this thing must have run on a loop on the Disney Channel in the early days, and I saw it nearly every single time.
2. Big Fish - Tim Burton saved all of the color from every movie he'd previously made and used it in this.
3. Blazing Saddles - you can just fill in your own quotes here. _________________________
4. A Christmas Story - I simply can't believe this isn't on the first list. It's actually shameful. I could recite about 70% of it right now. What was I thinking?
5. Ghostbusters - despite the theme song of Ray Parker Jr., already established in this space as a rip-off jockey.
6. Godfather I & II - yeah, and now this. But I do have a defense; or rather, I have an embarrassing admission rather than omission. Turth is, I'd never actually SEEN these movies in their proper form - only in snippets here and there, back and forth, filling in gaps as I could. I'd seen all the scenes at least twice but not the actual movies. Well - now I have, and here they are.
7. The Iron Giant - a fine movie, quite overlooked (but for that meme, see here, and also over here).
8. Jackie Brown - most people say Pulp Fiction, I guess, but I saw this first, and as a result it has pride of place in the Hive. It was, in a way, the least Tarantinic of Tarantino's films. It also has a killer cast in all the important roles, as is his way.
9. Lady and the Tramp - as you can see, I spent a lot of my childhood watching Disney. This is really a great, warm-hearted film.
10. Pixar in general - Incredibles was on the last list; may as well throw the rest into the mix now. (Even A Bug's Life.) The end to Monsters Inc. always makes the Hive a little dusty. They just know how to do a story well. (No surprise that Brad Bird did Iron Giant before coming to Pixar.)
11. The Princess Bride - more shameful omission. Inconceivable! (Luckily AMC is currently running it every 27 minutes.)
12. Rocky I - III - the first film was amazing on a great many levels. Between that and First Blood it's actually surprising that Sly Stallone devolved into a mere action hero and did utter craptaculars like Judge Dredd. The guy wrote ROCKY for cryin' out tears. I'm not saying that he should be doing Shakespeare, but really. "Yo, Juliet, is dat you in da winnow, dere?"
13. The Untouchables - after four tries of typing a Connery quote in Connery's phonetics, I gave up. We will just have to agree to disagree...
14. When We Were Kings - the documentary of the leadup to the Rumble in the Jungle. Truly amazing.
15. The Wizard of Oz - this deserves a separate post, sometime.

And here I break with tradition. I don't like tagging others. Believe it if you need it; if you don't just pass it on.

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