Friday, May 19, 2006

Good, clean fun

Top Ten Things That "Vulture 6" Could Be -

10. A secret society dedicated to the militant preservation of avian species
9. The probe that threatened to zap the Earth unless Kirk and Co. produced the Creator
8. The Buzzard Planet
7. A character they planned to introduce on the American version of "Battle of the Planets" (why do you think they called that stupid robot "7 Zark 7?")
6. A secret society that James Bond defeated
5. The long-forgotten, ill-concieved American Motors sports car (and which ironically had five, not six, cylinders)
4. Something Voltron blew up once
3. A Duran Duran/David Bowie concept album that never quite came off
2. What? You never played Vulture 1-5? Are you kidding?

and the number one thing Vulture 6 could be:

A houseboat with eligible bloggers - in Miami Beach!

Anyone want to pick on someone else? My comments are open.

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