Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thank God Churchill's not around to see this

Being one who served but was never in harm's way, I was reluctant to comment on the Brit marines & sailor's fortnight at Mamoud's. That is until they decided to cash in. Retired Marine Major Michael McBride put it best:

It is hard to imagine that those Sailors and Marines are derived from the same lineage as those who defended Roarke’s Drift, battled the Luftwaffe over London, or manned the HMS Sheffield.

I am also a bit surprised that one's honor goes as cheap as £250,000 these days. Had I allowed myself to be paraded around by an abject terrorist, with a smile on my face, and with my Persian goody-bag, I’d be looking for a rock, under a boulder, in a cave, in the far corners of Death Valley under which to hide, and hoping no one recognized me…I wouldn't be hawking my "story" of shame and recalcitrance. Their performance when threatened smacks of inadequate training, and irresolute individual will…to sell that, shameful.

Lastly we should be leery of those pushing our participation in coalitions when the Brits don't have the courage to fire off a few rounds against the Iranian puppet masters, we are truly in a position where we may have the only combat forces left in the world.

Warriors fight…get a helmet and fire your rifle.

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Really, can you imagine McCain, Stockdale and the other POWs getting off the plane from Hanoi carrying swag bags?

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