Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You got me...

In alphabetical order**.

...A- Available or Single? Available, no. Single... technically, but I wouldn't act on that knowledge if I were you.
...B- Best Friend. "Will... YOU be my psychic FRIEND?" No? You sure? [/walkenvoice]
...C- Cake or Pie. You made both? How sweet. Pie is better, but I won't say no. (And flan is best - the Happy Dessert!)
...D- Drink of Choice. Way too much coffee, I'm afraid. I'm trying to do better.
...E- Essential Item. Lots of things come to mind, but they rotate... I can't do without a particular book or something for a month, and then pffft! But I'm on the computer quite often, so go with that. - OH! Duh. Music. Nearly any genre, too. Gimme my music!
...F- Favorite Color. I've always been a green-blue sort of fellow.
...G- Gummi Bears or Worms. Ew, worms? Maybe if they were GUMMI Worms. See, for me, G stands for Grammar - and I'm full-tilt Strunkian, baby.
...H- Hometown. Lindenhurst, "Lawn Guy Land." I've been exiled for about 20 years, though, so the accent only emerges under duress, sort of like My Fair Lady, only without the domineering.
...I- Indulgence. I loves me a good nap. And for some reason, I've had an ice cream jones the past few days, but file that under E for "comes and goes."
...J- January or February. January. It's the month to enjoy all your holiday swag and general good cheer. February in New Jersey is just cold and mean and grasping. Trust me: January is your friend, but February HATES you, and doesn't care that you know it.
...K- Kids. Reminds me of a popular little ditty on the radio around here:
.......one eight seven-seven kars for kids
.......K-A-R-S, kars for kids
.......one eight seven-seven kars for kids
.......donate your car today
Not that I know much about them, but that's what the internet is for.
...L- Life is incomplete without …. My Ladybug.
...M- Marriage Date. Soon. Exact day is classified - and I hate to do that to you, but there are reasons.
...N- Number of Siblings? 2.
...O- Oranges or Apples? Sorry, but I can't compare them.
...P- Phobias/Fears. I dislike bridges. Not a phobia anymore. When I was a kid on LI, my parents had to take the tunnels to get anywhere, or I would freak out hard. Ironically, I got myself over the worst of it by running away from home at the age of nine. To get to Grandma's house, I had to cross the overpass spanning Sunrise Highway. Major freak out, but I did it - for FREEDOM! (Like Grandma would have let me stay there and not told Mom and Dad, right? "Sorry, I haven't seen him." :::winks at Young Nightfly, who is stuffing his face with flan::: "He sent me this postcard from Timbuktu. He wears a fez now.")
...Q- Favorite Quote. I'm a quoting fool: Twain, Chesterton, Mystery Science Theater. But an everyday quote I keep in mind is from my dad - "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well."
...R- Reasons to smile. My best girl. My friends. Great books. All the gorgeous blooming stuff everywhere right now, allergies be hanged. Purring kitties. Babies. Music. Smile = good.
...S- Season. Born in late summer, but I'm a spring sort of guy at heart.
...T- Tag Three. I do NOT tag. But it is a magic number. (Yes, it is!)
...U- Unknown Fact About Me. Hitherto unknown fact about me, you mean. That you want me to put on a blog read by tens of people weekly.
...V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals. Seems to me that the "or" is optional. One could eat only vegetables while harnessing the power of 137,400 hamsters on wheels for one's washing machine. Hey, hamsters are cheap, right? So, why not "Vegetarian or Freedom-Lover"?
(Ironically, I went lentil/noodle/fruits/nuts today without planning it.)
...W- Worst Habit. I'm too loud. On top of that, I have been known to blurt Things People in the Room Presently were Not Meant to Know in my Italian Loud voice. Much better now than formerly, so other bad habits are trying to pick up the slack.
...X – X-rays or Ultrasounds. I prefer the F-Ray. "And for the love of God... don't let it fall into the wrong hands!"
...Y- Your Favorite Foods. Indian is good. Pizza is very good. Flan on special occasions. My mom's lasagna and creme puffs. (Sorry, Ms. Sister, it had to be said.) And at the Omega Diner, anything with maple-peppered bacon, which are the three greatest words in the history of lunch.
...Z- Zodiac. What's my sign?? Let me put it this way - I'm old enough to get the joke, but young enough never to have been on the receiving end before. Domestically, I'm in Virgo; going Far East Side, I'm in the Year of the Rat, which was NOT a hit for songsmith Al Stewart. This should narrow down my temporal point of origin pretty closely for anyone so inclined... if reading this far hasn't exhausted your interest in me.

Swiped from Tracey, as seen everywhere fine blogs are written.

** note - NOT "a-b-c order." (Even though "alphabetic" translates roughly as "a-b order," again, I wouldn't try it that way around the Ladybug.)

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