Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Surprised that it took this long

I used to listen to Imus until about 12-13 years ago. (I think I stopped because I grew up.) I'm surprised that it took this long for this fossil to get called out on racist remarks. He was saying this kind of Pferdkaese 15 years ago.

What makes it different now is that Imus has revivied his show via an incestuous relationship with PMSNBC. His show is broadcast on the cable network and many NBC news figures appear on it. He is now more than a comedian.

Only the government can censor. According to the Radio Equalizer (whom is doing great blogging about Imus
here), what's going to do Imus in is the marketplace. Advertisers are already pulling out. Will his good liberal NBC guests still come on his show when he gets back from suspension?

One clown (Imus) begging forgiveness from another clown (Revvum Al) while a third clown (Revvum Jesse) pickets the PMSNBC studios.

No job is worth debasing yourself before Al Sharpton.

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