Thursday, April 26, 2007

I ... am the afternoon!

UPDATE - duhhhhhh.... it would help to actually link the ISB when I say "I'm linking the ISB."

This is... well... wow. I'm linking the ISB on this because he deserves the traffic as a reward for bringing this to greater light.

Your favorite scene may be the iconic image of Gotham's Twilight Avenger haunting the first-story rooftops of suburban Poughkeepsie, NY... or the vigorous training sessions behind the neighborhood Circle K... or Stately Wayne Apartments... or Bats telling his 'old chum' (who may actually be older) that it's time to roll... or Robin nearly choking on his own uniform shirt... or the Riddler unwittingly revealing his long-cherished dream of being a drum major.

According to Chris, there's a sequel. Possible titles:
  • Batman: the Hands of Fate
  • Batman Conquers the Martians
  • Hoodie 2: the Vengeance

Let's just say that if you wrapped Bob Kane's coffin in copper wire, you could power a small city for three days.

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