Monday, April 23, 2007

Musical Monday - hockey edition

Friends, I don't want anyone to think that a little disagreement between hockey blogs means that we're not all fans. So, the news that Columbus fired GM Doug MacLean has prompted a little musical interlude...

Not too long ago
The NHL expanded, though nobody's certain why
They gave Columbus town a chance
To field a team that could advance
And maybe give the Stanley Cup a try

But every April made fans shiver
As every year the team got sicker
Bottom of the standings
There were no happy landings
The owner gave the man nine years
But the playoffs were never near
And so the GM was cashiered
It's time to find a new hire

So bye-bye Mr. Blue Jackets Guy
Drafted players traded later
While the team lost each night
I saw good ol' fans snack on nachos and beer
Singing, "Soon the team will start to play right...
Soon the team will start to play right" ...

Not to disappoint anyone, but it would be a lot of work to cook up eight minutes of verses at this point, so if anyone who cares happens to see this... be my guest.

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