Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Following up

The Spider wasn't kidding when he was talking about his health event. From Tim Kurkjian's online article about Washington first-baseman Dmitri Young:

"I had an infection that would not heal, and I had flu-like symptoms," Young said. "I went to urgent care three times in two days. After the third time, I called my parents to tell them goodbye. I told my kids that I loved them, and I hoped they would always be happy. I called 911. When the ambulance arrived, my blood-sugar level was 987. When it's that high, four things can happen -- stroke, coma, organ damage or death. They put an IV in me and got it down to 893. I spent four days in the hospital, three days in the ICU. I know how lucky I am today. I thought there was going to be a tombstone with my name on it."

Emphasis mine. That is one astonishing number. To put it in context: that's about nine times the normal level.

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